From Kindle back to Nook!

After having my Sony Reader for many years (long before we’d ever heard of Nooks, Kindles, or Kobo), I purchased my first Nook.

My Sony Reader (the 2nd one I purchased)

I was drawn to that particular reader because I loved the option to check-out books from my local library and have the capability to also hear audible books.  So, with my Nook, I decided to dress it up.  I bought a pretty leather carrier for it, protective screen, and night light.

My older Nook

But, I kept hearing about the Kindle!! Being part of  a book club, I get the wonderful advantage to preview readers and see what they look like.  While I love the easiness of buying books (Amazon carries a lot of books!), the highlighting features (which just seem easier than Nook), and the keyboard, I found myself gravitating to my Nook.  I think for those who have been Sony readers, buying a Nook is the most natural transition because we are used to using for library books and like the swipe feature to turn pages.

However, I have been noticing the Nook Color lately!! After talking with my husband, I decided to return my Kindle (as I had it for less than 1 month), and purchased my Nook Color!!

My Color Nook in a waterproof sealed cover

I wasn’t sure at first because the Nook Color is pricey and I’ve heard it doesn’t hold a charge for very long.  However, with my Kindle, the battery didn’t last 3 days without charging it, so I was used to not having a long battery charge.  Let me say….I LOVE my Color Nook!!!  It does hold a charge for quite a long time, I do not need a night light, I can change the background to 2 different shades besides white, and it’s beautiful!!  I had the option of buying an i-pad, but I didn’t go with it.  The reason being, I really just use my Nook for reading and listening to books.  I am also a bed-time reader, so I needed something that could I read lying down.

I bought two covers, one is a green/black cover that I haven’t yet received via mail.  The waterproof one I bought from Amazon is a TrendyDigital waterproof cover.  I absolutely love it!! No, I do not get a glare when I am reading it and if I get something splashed on it should I take it outside by my swimming pool or at my kitchen table (where I also like to read while I am cooking).  Hmmmmm….perhaps that is why I tend to burn food quite often ;)

I have 3 screens that I can switch between.  This one has all the books on the screen that are for my daughter.

This screen is where I can quickly access the books I am currently reading. Notice, I also have my internet icon above it all so that when I want to take a break from reading, I can open my email and surf the web.

Also, I have purchased some toddler books for my daughter for free or .99 cents.  Having a waterproof cover on it, she can read with me and her sticky fingers won’t interfere with my reader.  Yes, that happened!!  I was reading to hear and she was pointing to the animals, while eating an orange.  Guess what??  Orange juice was smeared on the reader!  I was so relieved and it just made it that much more of a great buy for me.

So, what am I going to do with my Nook in the pink cover?  My father-in-law loves to read, so I am giving that to him.  He was excited and can’t wait to start using it.  I plan on giving him another reader cover, of course!  However, there were some books that I wanted to buy for him that I could not buy on his Nook through Barnes and Nobles.  Yes, that is one downside to the Nook vs. the Kindle.  So, I went and bought him some books at Half-Priced Books, too.  He will have plenty of reading to do, that is for sure!!

Before offering my Nook to my father-in-law, I had offered it to my sons.  Both of them are teenagers and surprisingly, they both agree that having an actual book in their hands just feels better than having a reader.  So, after much discussion, I gave in and took them also to the bookstore, where they not only got excited about books, but bought quite a few they plan on reading this summer!

The books my sons chose to read this summer :)

Now that my father-in-law will be reading from his Nook, which book titles do you think I should add to his reader?  He loves Christian, History, and Mystery (but not too gorey).  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

8 thoughts on “From Kindle back to Nook!

  1. I talked about the Nook and e-reading this week too! Also, you might look into The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry for your father-in-law…not sure if it’s his style, but it has a little history and a little mystery, but written well. Happy Reading!


    • I just read your post and love it!! I saw the new Nook and it is so small, without losing any space on the screen! I think that is going to be a hot seller as more people gravitate towards e-readers, too :) I will look into adding that book for my father-in-law. I never knew he read a lot, so this has been a wonderful surprise :D


  2. Hi Shirley! Yes, I am very surprised about my sons not wanting an e-reader. When I first had my Sony Reader and was replacing it with my Nook, I also had offered them that one. It seems that no matter which reader I offer, they just don’t seem interested. I love that my oldest loves his books, so much so, that he is particular about his book covers and has them displayed in his room once he finishes reading them. Yesterday, when we went to the book store, he was looking at replacing some of his other books for new book covers. I’m just glad they have found books that they love to read :D


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