Losing Borders

With the news of Borders closing, I am saddened at the job losses and end of a great book store.  I read that with the closing of all the Borders stores in the US, there will be 10, 500 job losses.  That is 10,500 people…our neighbors, friends, family…who will be without jobs.  I suppose I am feeling a bit saddened by this considering that the Borders store in my hometown is down the street from NASA.  It has been reported that NASA is expecting to lose about 5,000 employees who worked on the shuttle program.

Because my husband is an entrepreneur, I am huge advocate and believer of small business.  Thankfully, the kolache stores and sushi restaurant are doing well and he hasn’t had to lay off any employees.  In Austin, Texas, there is a slogan, “keep Austin weird, support local businesses”, which I wholeheartedly agree with.  However, in this economy, it is just important to support businesses in general.  Three restaurants that were in the Clear Lake area of Houston, Tx have closed their doors: Starfire Grill, Oriental Gourmet (the only Chinese restaurant I liked), and Texas Tea Room is closing its doors in September.

I know I have become a bit of an electronic reader snob.  I love having a reader that I can carry with me everywhere and have as many books as I want without having the weight of actual books.  Having books on my reader has reduced my book clutter significantly and saved me from looking like a book hoarder!  Besides a few books I have for personal use, the majority of actual books I have are counseling books that I have kept as references.  However, my children love books and they all want to feel them in their hands and they enjoy the book covers, too.

Will paperback books become obsolete?   Is Borders a sign of the times?  From what I have read and seen, I am hearing that the answer is no.  People still love to buy actual books.  I also read that with the increased purchases of online books, paper books will soon be more costly for the consumer.  While I don’t want books only to be available online, I do like the convenience of it.  However, there are books that I simply  must have, which are in paper/hard back form.

To get an idea of the types of books not on my Nook:

1.  Children’s books: Selah loves to touch her books (especially ones with texture), open the flaps, push buttons that make noise, and loves to carry them around.

2.  Young Adult Fiction:  My sons love books that they can hold.  They both didn’t want my older Nook or Sony Reader.  They have their favorite books proudly displayed in their room.

3.  The Bible:  While I do have a Bible downloaded on my Nook, I still prefer the old fashioned way of turning pages, highlighting, and writing in my Bible.  I enjoy it and have many different styles of them depending on what I am using it for: to study, go to church, carry in my purse, or an indepth Bible.

4.  Counseling Books:  Again, I use these as resources when working with clients.  I love going to conferences and buying books.

5.  Books: I just love all kinds of books.  I enjoy going to bookstores and just browsing, occasionally finding a special book that I must have.  I also love to buy books and give them as gifts.

While Borders is closing, there are many bookstores still open for business.  Barnes & Nobles, LifeWay Stores, Half-Price Books, and other local shops, too.  Rather than get scared of the economy, I am choosing to invest back into it by buying.  Even though closing businesses is always inevitable, in any situation, I will continue to go to those local stores and buy books and of course….buy books online.  After all, so long as I am reading, it really doesn’t matter what package it comes in.

Losing Borders is not the end of the world…but for some, it is a sad moment in time to see such a huge company close its doors.  While I will miss their warm and inviting atmosphere and great children’s section, I am thankful that there are still great reading and buying book opportunities nearby.  Thank-you Borders for bringing much joy to readers!

2 thoughts on “Losing Borders

  1. Looks like we wrote similar stories today. Great minds think alike! LOL! I know what you mean. I love my Nook, but I don’t want bookstores to disappear because I like them, too. I wouldn’t want poetry books in e-format. And I’m planning on going out and buying a full hard-back set of the Harry Potter novels. I’ve read them all but don’t own any. I borrowed them from my students or my granddaughters, but I want to have them on my shelf. Enjoyed your article.


  2. I read your post…and yes, we certainly were thinking alike ;) I love my Nook, too and enjoy everything about it. However, nothing can truly replace a great hard/paper back book. Thanks for visiting!


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