Book Reviews: Suburban Haiku by Peyton Price

“Suburban Haiku is a series of ebooks inspired by life in the suburbs—both petty and poignant.”

-Description on Facebook

My Review:

Before I can give a review, I think it is important to share what a haiku is.  Haiku is pronounced (Hi-coo) and is a form of Japanese poetry.  Haiku focuses on 3 parts:  form, content, and language.  Typically, the poem is about nature, every day life, emotions, and people.  Haiku doesn’t rhyme and is a short poem.  Haiku usually has 3 stanzas that consist of 17 syllables.

I read all 3 of her books, listed above, in one evening. They were hilarious, sometimes a little uneasy to read, but overall a really fun and perspective way to look at the mundane activities of a Suburban mom.  Who would have ever thought some of my mindless activities, such as taking out the trash and (shhhh…not recycling) could have been told in a funny and clever way???!!!  Some of the poems brought me straight back to my childhood and had me quietly reminiscing of my wonderful great-grandmother who was quite an observer and certainly had many similar experiences to those Peyton describes.

While these little books aren’t mysterious, don’t have a cleverly written plot, and doesn’t cure cancer…it certainly did make me pause for a moment, laugh, and enjoy the simple pleasures of being a mom somewhere in Suburbia.

I highly recommend these little books and think you will also have a difficult time choosing just one Suburban Haiku to read!  Because they are rather short reads, it would have been nice if all these books could be combined into one larger book with chapters to indicate each section.  Nonetheless, they are enjoyable and reading only 1 is rather difficult.  I also wish these books were in paperback because they would make great stocking stuffers and gifts for co-workers and friends.  For now, e-readers can enjoy them!

*The 3 books listed above were provided by Peyton Price in exchange for an honest review.  No monetary or other forms of compensation were given.

3 thoughts on “Book Reviews: Suburban Haiku by Peyton Price

  1. Thank you for reviewing these books, Lisa! I welcome you and all your readers to join me at I’d love to hear more from you.

    With appreciation,
    Peyton Price


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