Mini-Interview with Jane Green, author of Another Piece of My Heart

I was honored to have been invited to participate in a webinar with author, Jane Green, along with a few other bloggers. Unfortunately, I was sick with the flu and missed the opportunity to ask a few questions I had after reading her book, “Another Piece of My Heart”.  Even though Jane Green is rather busy  promoting her book and being the fabulous author that she is, she did take some time out of her schedule to answer my questions.


What inspires you as a writer and motivates you to write?

Every time I think I’m out of stories, I find myself drawn to something; a situation, a person, an event, that I find so compelling, it starts to take over my life, and I know then that’s my next book.

How do you maintain objectivity when writing about a character that’s not very likable from another characters perspective but then find that hidden quality that a reader can empathize with when writing from that very characters own point of view?  For example, there are moments Emily and Janice aren’t likable but it changes for me as a reader when I read from their point of view?  

I’m not objective in the slightest! I didn’t like Emily either, but the minute I started writing as her, at my editor’s suggestion, I completely understood her, and it gave me tremendous empathy.

As a therapist, I liked how the whole family system was described and how everyone is impacted by alcohol and drugs. What type of research did you do for that and how did it change the course of your writing as the book progressed, if any? 

I am very familiar with addictive behaviors, which do have a habit of cropping up in my books. Whatever the story, I’m always looking towards the resolution – that none of us is perfect; that we are all doing the best we can, and that ultimately acceptance of where we are and what we have is the only way to find peace.

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One thought on “Mini-Interview with Jane Green, author of Another Piece of My Heart

  1. This is a great review. You have great questions specific to this author and book!! Love it!! I’m totally intrigued. I haven’t seen her books before, but it sounds like she get a lot of emotion and change worked into difficult situations. Thx for sharing!!!!!!

    Thx for hopping by my Sunday! :-) -Burgandy Ice


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