Aloha from Hawaii!

My family and I went to Maui for 10 gorgeous days!  It is everything people say it is: mesmerizing, calming, gorgeous, breathtaking, and the list can go on.  Being on the plane for 8 hours allowed me to read quite a bit!!  En route to Hawaii, I read a really great and easy book:

It was a free book that I had downloaded onto my Nook a while back, but decided to read it.  Having made the decision to be pro-active about my health and lose weight, I thought it was a perfect book to get started.  Aside from discussing weight issues and her time on The Biggest Loser, Michelle shares her struggles with rejection and deeper rooted issues that impacted her choices and lifestyle. I was truly in awe of her courage to face those issues and even more appreciative that she chose to be so open about it in her memoir.  I’d definitely encourage anyone that struggles with weight issues, is at a plateau in their weight, and/or wants to learn more about the journey of a contestant on The Biggest Loser, I suggest you read this book!

After reading this book and landed in Hawaii, I had to take a break from reading. It was gorgeous!!

Isn’t the water just gorgeous?? We were on a dinner cruise and saw the sunset, which was also spectacular!

This is the beach we went to all the time!!! It was so peaceful there and next to us were these huge lava rocks with mini caves underneath…the perfect place to climb and play.  The sand was so clean and pure, so we just loved playing there. Of course, I lounged and read books!! :D

I loved the people there, too! It felt like the most safest place to be and we loved every moment.  We met wonderful Islanders, spoke to people who had up and left their homes to move to Hawaii, and talked to business owners about how they have managed there.  Yes, I’d love to move there, too!!  Their tap water was AMAZING!!! Seriously.  It tasted like Fiji Water without the expense.  I only drank tap water because of how delicious it tasted.  My daughter left her Nike sandals on the beach and someone was kind enough to put them to the side of the walk way and there they stayed the whole day!!!  People were just so kind and we met some wonderful people….I just can’t speak highly enough of that place.  The prices are high, so you just can’t go with love in your heart and no money in your wallet ;)  BUT…it was sooo worth it!  We hope to visit again next year!

We drove up this mountain to watch the sunrise. It was spectacular!!

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