Freebie Friday

Hello everyone!

If you are on Facebook or Twitter, chances are, you follow blogs/sites that list freebie books for Nook and Kindle.  While there are more sites that offer Kindle freebies, there was one exceptional site that listed free Nook books.  However, they will no longer be posting freebies for Nook readers, due to some issues with B&N and their affiliate program.  I am quite bummed about it, because I love free books just like everyone else.  Since there are quite a few sites for Kindles, I decided that on Fridays, I would post free Nook books.  I hope you enjoy them and let me know if you enjoyed reading them :D

For now, I will just post free Nook books.  I am not paid for this, it is just something that I wanted to offer for those of us who love our readers and enjoy the occasional freebie!

Because I can’t guarantee that the books listed will be free once you click on the picture, please check the prices first!!







*Simply click on the picture to read the synopsis and download the book.  Always check first to make sure that the book is still free.


Free Book Giveaway!

Another Book Giveaway!

Why Not?  Another Book Giveaway!!


Happy Friday!

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