The storyline was rather interesting because the story was told in different viewpoints, during the same time, so that the reader never jumped too far in what was happening.  As a result, you are led through this story by different perspectives, and arrive at the truth of what happened without having skipped certain parts of the story.  The story takes place over generations and is so delicately done, that I couldn’t help but fall in love with the characters and cheered for them at the end.  There were times I just had to put the book down and cry.  It was heartbreaking to know the treatment people with mental illness/disabilities experienced at institutions and the abandonment they experienced from the parents/family who left them there.  It also showed how little education, support, and services was given to families, so that they often felt this was their only option.  Those left in the institutions experienced abuse, mistreatment, and often death as a result of abuse of power.  It was so tragic to read about the other patients and learn about their own journey.  While this book tended to focus on the lives of 3 people, those who helped, aided, and loved them were also included in this story, as I learned what they also went through.  This is a book that is beautifully written and a book I highly suggest for anyone!


This was a freebie that I downloaded last week.  The cover and title of the book caught my attention among the many free books I own.  So, I was very surprised at how well written the book was, the development of characters and plot were so real and relevant, and the story just moved very smoothly.  This is one of those books that I really couldn’t put down, so I often carried my Nook around with me to read a few pages.  Normally, I only read my books at night….however, I just couldn’t with this one!!

The events in this book are so heartbreaking and the author created characters that were so real and identifiable, that anyone reading this book can relate.  Whether it directly impacts you or you are the one trying to comfort someone, it is a story that everyone can imagine themselves in.  While there are issues of infertility, being in the public eye as a public servant, and having people watch your every move may not be issues everyone relates with, the feelings and emotions experienced are real.  I loved how everyone found themselves in the midst of a crisis, God uses those instances to bring His children nearer to Him.  No matter how long it takes, God was there for this family.  I highly suggest this book and know many will enjoy the storyline, the spiritual context, and the characters.  There’s lots of humor and at times reminded me a little of “Steel Magnolias”….a favorite movie of mine!!  I also loved how flowers were given to communicate a message.  Having read, “The Language of Flowers”, I just loved how this was incorporated into the storyline.

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