When all else fails, I turn to Jane Austen!

For someone that loves to read, it can be quite difficult and irritating when reading a book just doesn’t grab my attention.  I typically read books for review, but here lately, I have had to sprinkle some books I want to read in between those I committed to reading for review.  However, even those books have been difficult to grab hold of my attention.  A while back, I wrote about ways to get out of a book slump and have found one more way to boost my reading, that I didn’t include in the list.

So, when all else fails, I turn to Jane Austen. It’s amazing how her writings always capture my attention (no matter how often I’ve read her books), and how I always get something different out of it. I don’t know why….but I just love her books!  I also love those books that are spin-offs from “Pride & Prejudice”, like “Georgiana Darcy’s Diary” (which is currently FREE), or memoirs about Jane Austen like “Cassandra and Jane”.  I equally love “Austen-esque” type of books, like “The Tutor’s Daughter” by Julie Klassen.

What motivates you to keep reading?


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3 thoughts on “When all else fails, I turn to Jane Austen!

  1. I sometimes get in a reading slump when I’ve accepted review books that I’m not really drawn to, but thought I should give a try. That doesn’t work very well for me! It’s not going outside my favorite genre that puts me in a slump, but books that are poorly edited and with one-dimensional characters.

    I must connect with the characters, and if I cringe over the grammar and sentence structure, my enjoyment levels go way down! lol

    Jane Austen is an author I enjoyed in the past…I haven’t read any of her books in a long time. One of my favorite go-to authors is Elizabeth Berg, or Margaret Atwood, or even Jodi Picoult. I never have issues with their books.



    • I agree! I think I have high hopes for certain books, only to be disappointed. I find that I need to sprinkle my reading with past favorites and books that I want to read. Otherwise, I just don’t enjoy the books for review as much. Great comments!! Thanks for stopping by:)


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