Goodbye Nook, Hello Apple!

nook tablet 16gbI have been a HUGE advocate for anything Nook, for years. I love Barnes and Noble, love their customer service, and really was sold on Nook over Kindle because of the user friendly library on the readers.  I can honestly say that I have owned every Nook device, except the HD+, and have loved them all.  However, my committed relationship to Nook slightly broke when I purchased the Nook HD Tablet.

I love the lightness of the device, the quickness compared to the Nook Tablet 16gb, and the longevity of the battery.  I could go 2 days without having to charge it, sometimes 3/4 days, depending on how often I was using it.  So, what caused my relationship to turn with the latest device, Nook HD???  One simple, yet important factor: I couldn’t download books from Adobe Digital Editions!  After being on the phone for hours with various customer service support, I was finally told that the Nook HD didn’t support ADE.

It would have been great to have been told that immediately, instead of being transferred to numerous departments, but it doesn’t matter. What does is my inability to download books from NetGalley, Edelweiss, and Overdrive.  Because a huge bulk of my reading is for the purpose of writing reviews for publishers, tour companies, and authors, I really needed access to those 2 companies.  Instead, I had to download books to my Nook Simple Touch (Glowlight), onto the SD card, then place that very same SD card into the Nook HD Tablet to access books I’ve downloaded.

While it seems like no big deal, it is.  I have to basically be near my computer, plug my Nook Simple Touch to it, and do the few steps needed to download to an SD card.  It’s time consuming and when I have other books I can read quicker, I just tend to put those on the back burner…not good!

For years, I have been fascinated with the ipad.  I thought it was too costly and didn’t think I would really use it. Other than, I admired it from afar.  Having tossed around the idea of buying a Kindle to download books easier and forfeit the need for an SD card, I found myself dragging my feet.  I don’t have anything against Amazon or Kindle. I know many people who love Kindle and I love Amazon.  Personally, with as much as I spend on Amazon, I think I should have invested in stock!

So, why not Kindle?  Well, as I have stated before, and in earlier posts:  having owned a Sony before, I was use to the format my books were listed and organized AND I loved the option of downloading books from my library.  So, it was natural for me to move to Nook and make it my go-to device for reading on the go.  Eventually, paperbacks became a thing of the past and I embraced fully reading on an e-reader.  I had bought a Kindle when everyone was raving about them.  However,  I didn’t think the online library was user-friendly and it was a bit confusing on how to organize my books.  With Nook, I can add libraries and it’s more eye appealing.

This brings me to ipad.  I mentioned to my husband that it would be nice to have an ipad because I could have both devices: Nook and Kindle, which would make my life easier with the transfer of books.  Then, one day I came downstairs from a nap and saw a beautiful white box on my couch.  Funny how I associate white boxes with Apple and blue boxes with Tiffany ;)  Anyhow, I was elated and a little overwhelmed.  What would I do with my Nook devices?  How could I abandon Barnes and Noble completely and move towards Apple?  Would I find that my love from afar was nothing but eye candy, but no brains?  I kinda liked my long distance fascination with ipads and didn’t know what to expect.

I started downloading my books and found ipad very user friendly. I must admit, it is more than what I thought and I am in love.  I am sorry to contribute to the Apple and Kindle craze, but I love that I can download quite quickly and directly on my ipad books that I otherwise would have to use the SD card for. I also love that the charge holds forever, I can take it anywhere and choose to use my keyboard if I want.  I love that there are so many free apps that my daughter can enjoy,too.  In fact, my husband surprised our little girl with her very own ipad mini, and she is also in love.  I think we both didn’t know how to act when we received our ipads as gifts and felt a little pulled by abandoning our Nook devices.  She would ask about her pink and white book, so I bought the exact case for her ipad mini and she no longer asks. Truthfully, she doesn’t know the difference.  But, I do.  She has so many more apps to use for education, she loves her Netflix movies, and reading all of her favorite books, which are still on there!

While I no longer use my Nook devices, I will always love and remain loyal to Barnes and  Noble.  I was given a wonderful device for many years, it brought joy to my life and my daughters, and the customer service canNot be beat!

5 thoughts on “Goodbye Nook, Hello Apple!

  1. The advantage of a Kindle device over an I-pad for book reviewers is that if you download egalleys in kindle format they do not expire; you can keep them forever.


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