TLC Book Review: Indiscretion by Charles Dubrow

Book Information:
Publisher:   Harpers Collins
Genre:   Contemporary Fiction/Adult
Source:   Publisher/TLC Book Tours
Rating:  A good cupcake with a little icing! (click here to see what it means!)


Harry and Madeleine Winslow have been blessed with talent, money, and charm. Harry is a National Book Award–winning author. Madeleine is a woman of sublime beauty and grace. The Winslows play host to a coterie of close friends and acolytes eager to bask in their golden radiance, whether they are in their bucolic East Hampton cottage, abroad in Rome, or in their comfortable Manhattan brownstone.One weekend, Harry and Maddy meet Claire, who eagerly falls into their welcoming orbit. But soon her reverence transforms into a dangerous desire, and she no longer remains one of their hangers-on.A story of love, lust, deception, and betrayal as seen through the omniscient eyes of Maddy’s childhood friend Walter, a narrator akin to Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby, Indiscretion is an irresistibly sensual page-turner.

My Review:

This is a hard one to review.  Every once in awhile, I will come across these kind of books.  Love the storyline, hate the characters.  Feels the characters are a bit pompous, feel a bit too deserving, and all want see helping others as a “project”.  So, on one hand, I did enjoy the storyline.  On the other, I just couldn’t connect with the main characters.  I couldn’t understand why Harry would risk everything for a 20-something, just for sex-but with a specific someone who befriended the family and friends, then slips into Harry’s bed.  Perhaps, he was stressed about writing a novel after the success of his first one.  Perhaps, he was going through a mid-life crisis and couldn’t see beyond the breasts of a young girl that was willing and didn’t care what relationships she broke.  Or, perhaps, he was just an idiot and didn’t feel that he deserved all the goodness of a wife and mother, Maddy was.  Yeah…can you tell I really care for Harry???  And, Maddy…she experiences all the anger and humiliation a woman could ever hope to NEVER experience.  But, she does.  And while I could understand her anger and being hurt, I really just felt that there was a disconnect with her too. I wanted to know more about the couple BEFORE the affair.  I wanted to know what made them tick, how the fragility of their son impacted their marriage, and a little more about why they even let Claire (a random stranger) join their group.

This is a book that will either be loved or hated.  I don’t think the comparisons to The Great Gatsby give this book justice and really sets the book to fail.  I often found myself comparing the characters to those of Nick Carraway, Jay Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan, and Tom Buchanan.

My suggestion to future readers: Don’t compare it to the book or movies of The Great Gatsby!!  Also, read this book with an open mind.  If you have issues with infidelity and you are okay with a sad ending, then dive in!

This book was slow in the beginning with huge chunks of information missing for me and speeds up too quickly for me in the end, feeling sad for Maddy and wishing there would have been some joy in the midst of such tragedy.

*This book was provided by the publisher, through TLC Book Tours!


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