Where Are You?

This is the question that I have been asked the most, by my fellow blogger friends and online followers: Where are you???

I know….I should have checked in.  Reading is my passion and blogging is a natural extension of what I love.  However, my teenage sons are quite adamant that I keep their personal lives away from my blog and social media.  Although, I do post little snippets of them on FB ;)

So, how do I balance maintaining their privacy and keeping my blog relevant to what my life encompasses, besides books?

I’ve thought of having more book giveaways, as a thank you to all of you for following my humble, small blog.  I’ve also thought of having a “Topic” day post throughout the week, but I don’t want my first love to become second: blogging before books.

I’ve even thought of just following some of the great blogs I follow and piggy backing off their topic days, too.

On top of what to do with my blog, it is quite difficult managing all the different social media platforms, supporting my fellow bloggers and authors I love, being relevant, and promoting books that I love!  I realize I can’t do it all, and mind you-this is a “hobby blog”, meaning I don’t get paid and I certainly don’t receive revenues on any links or ads.

I primarily cross-post on Twitter and FB, but do use Pinterest, Bloglovin’, Google+, etc.  However, many of those have taken a back seat.  I just can’t manage that all, with the amount of time I have.

BUT- I LOVE BOOKS!!  The reason why I created this blog was because I wanted a place to share great books with readers, and connect authors with readers.  I  love and follow many blogs,  have met wonderful bloggers (who have become great friends), and I enjoy reading about their daily adventures, their non-bookish topics, and anything else they want to share: especially giveaways! I’m a follower of blogs, just like you!! Yes, I love free books, too!!

So, I have decided to keep this blog as I first intended: book reviews, books listed by genres (on my side bar) so that readers can click on a genre they love and choose their next great read, and continue to promote authors and their work.

I’ll leave all the other great topics and ideas to my fellow bloggers, who are already doing a great job!  One more blogger doing the same or choosing not to, won’t alter the universe, won’t make my blog any less relevant, and all will be okay!

To give you a huge thanks for following my little blog, I am offering a book giveaway!  Thanks for understanding that when I’m not posting a book review, giveaway, or author/book promotion, it’s because I’m just being a mom of 3 and taking care of my household.  You can follow me on Twitter or FB to see some of my family pics and read some of my crazy comments and posts that are not always book related, or my FB page, where I love to post free Nook books-because let’s face it…Kindle and Amazon get lots of attention already!

Just know…even when I’m not visible on my blog, I am still reading!

 Simply enter your name, email address, and answer this question:

What’s one non-book thing you enjoy doing?

Giveaway ends: June 20, 2014.

One random winner will be selected.

US & Canada entries accepted.








22 thoughts on “Where Are You?

  1. It’s fine that you’ve been busy. I’m sure most bloggers and readers understand. One non book thing I enjoy doing is sleeping. With three kids, two of them under the age of 2, I don’t get much of that. I’m lucky to even get in some time to read!


    • Baking?!? Too bad you can’t share them over cyberspace!! My children love baked goods, and my neighbors know I don’t bake. So, they will stop by with baked good occasionally…which I am sooo thankful for!


  2. My non book thing is sports… I’m down to just watching my son play college baseball (my daughter use to play volleyball). When I’m not watching him I love watching baseball and hockey on TV. Thanks for the time you do spend on giving us great reads to pick up!

    tropicalsunlover05(at) yahoo (dot) com


  3. I love getting outdoors with my three kids as much as possible..walking to do things instead of driving. we enjoy playing softball and soccer and with the weather finally starting to warm up where i’m at were able to enjoy these things alot more.


  4. I’m Kara, I am a total genealogy geek. I spend hours upon hours searching databases for ancestors’ names…from centuries ago! Thank you for this giveaway opportunity — it’s a very nice gesture. If providing my email in the details below wasn’t enough to make sure you have it, please respond to this comment saying so. Thank you!


    • OH, wow!!! I have a friend, who is Mormon, and she loves the whole genealogy thing, too!! I imagine there is so much information you can find now with the internet, too!!! Super cool hobby, for sure!!! Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Train journeys. This may seem a bit strange but I am in a long distance relationship (my boyfriend live 241 miles, 3 trains, 5 hour journey away. The thought of a journey that long would cause some people distress and worry. Fortunately, I have made it that many times I can go on autopilot. Those journeys are spent listening to my iPod, people watching, sometimes reading, writing but most just relaxing with the gentle clicketyclack of the train thinking about spending time with my man :) x


    • Because we don’t have trains nearby…that does sound like fun!!! I think it’s wonderful that you and your boyfriend are committed enough to one another to stay the course!! P.S. I also had a long distance relationship and we have now been married 21 years! :D


      • I am based in Liverpool and he is based in Worthing. It is frustrating, especially when you just want to have a cuddle but you can’t but we make it work. We were friends for two years before hand so I think that helps :) x x


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