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599Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m a Texas suburban mom, who loves reading books! Like any good Southern woman, I love to talk!  While I don’t talk shoes or where to buy the best handbag, I do talk books!  I love to share my thoughts on great stories I’ve read and share them with people, who also love to read!

I’m currently enjoying my role as a SAHM to my precious 3 children.  To keep myself sane, I read books.  Blogging is just a natural extension of my joy for reading!

I have 2 dogs: our spoiled princess, Zoie. who rules the house.  I’m known to rescue dogs from the shelter, keep them for awhile to train them, then find them homes.  Vinny is the little dog that has the big attitude! He was our foster dog, that we ended up keeping…so in a sense, he adopted us!

This blog is very laid back.  I don’t review for any form of compensation for book reviews.  When it’s a hard copy, I provide those in giveaways or donate them to a local shelter.

You won’t see any links for books I’ve reviewed, nor will see you any affiliate links.  I also do not accept any opportunities to earn money off this blog.  This blog is for pure enjoyment and I like having a hassle-free blog.  I hope you will enjoy this format, too!

Please join me on my blogging journey!  I love books and enjoy hearing from you, too!

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