Cupcake Rating

This is a scale that I created for reviewing books.  It is based on a 5 star rating system, only in a more creative manner.  A cupcake rating is given to a book based on the genre of the book.  The type of publishing is not considered, nor is a factor when rating the book.

When I rate a book, it is based on how I view that book within the book’s genre.  It is understood that a 5 star rating in Chick-lit will certainly look very different to a 5 star rating in Historical Fiction. There are elements in each genre that I look for when I am rating the book.

Occasionally, a book will transcend it’s own genre and be a book that is so incredibly wonderful that I give it an Ultimate Cupcake Supreme (or a 5+) rating.  This means that particular book is not only a 5 star rating in it’s own genre, but overall.

  If I decide to read a book and finish it (not a DNF rating-which you can read about below), regardless of who requested I review the book (author, publisher, blog tour host), I will give it a rating and there have been times the rating is not a 3 or more (on a 1-5 scale).  However, it is only my opinion and as a courtesy, I will not post my review on any other sites, since it is subjective and I do not want to be disrespectful to any author.

For books that receive a 4 or 5, I will post a partial review on Amazon & Barnes & Noble.  As always, I post my reviews on Goodreads, Library Thing, Twitter, Books in the Burb Facebook Page, and Books in the Burbs on Facebook (two different things on FB).  I do my best to promote a great book!

Finally, I have received many compliments on my cupcake scale.  It is my own creation and I do not give permission for any other blogger or company to use it. It is copyrighted and I ask that be respected as it is my own work.

My Cupcake Scale

burnt cupcake 1Burnt cupcake!-  The storyline is too predictable, the writing was not enjoyable for me, the characters are not developed, and overall not a book that held my attention.  I would not recommend this book to anyone.   (1/5 rating)



bland cupcake 2

One bland cupcake!-  The story started good, but then just falls flat.  The characters and plot are not fully developed, which  made it challenging for the reader to be completely engaged.    Not a book I’d recommend.   (2/5 rating)






good cupcake 3A good cupcake with a little icing.-  Good storyline, could connect with the characters, but it was missing something….sprinkles!  I was left with questions that the book did not answer.  This is a book that I’d recommend  to those who like this particular genre, but with caution.  (3/5 rating)





great cupcake rating 4A great cupcake with sprinkles on top!-  The plot is original, interesting, and fully developed.  I connected with the characters and could understand their personal struggles/experiences because of the author’s wonderful writing style.  It is a book that I really liked and would recommend to others. (4/5 rating)





excellent cupcake 5An excellent cupcake with sprinkles AND a cherry on top!-   Storyline, characters, plot, and writing style are superb!  I could not put the book down and shared it with everyone I know.  I found myself thinking of the characters long after I finished reading the book.   I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone!!  (5/5 rating)



supreme cupcake rating 6The Ultimate Cupcake Supreme! - Every once in awhile, I come across a book that is not only amazing, but it deserves special recognition.  This book is the cream of the crop, undoubtedly one of my top favorites, and a must read for anyone!  This book is one of my Personal Favorites!  (surpasses a 5 rating!)





What is a DNF Rating:

*Overall book- Did not hold my interest, couldn’t resonate with the overall storyline and/or plot, couldn’t connect with the characters and understand the reasons behind the decisions made, didn’t flow in a natural, authentic way (in my opinion)

*Characters- not fully developed, predictable behavior, too much dialogue (reads like a theater script and not a book), the characters were difficult to understand and relate to their choices made

*Plot-too bogged down with details (reads like a History book) or too little information that doesn’t set up the scene adequately, very simplistic, too predictable ( I can read the first few chapters and know what is going to happen), too difficult to follow with switches in time period/dialogue

*Language- is not relevant to the time period or character, has too many obvious grammatical errors, too explicit

*If I were to finish the book, it would most likely receive a 1 or 2 rating.  However, this does not mean that a DNF book is a 1 or 2 rating, it simply means that based on what I have read so far, the rating would not be positive.  It also means that I just couldn’t relate to the book, characters, and had a difficult time understanding the decisions made and where the storyline was headed.


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