Sunday Salon: It’s the Mona Lisa!!

samsung picstures 2013 572

We went to a local art festival on Saturday.  This is a local artist drawing the Mona Lisa freehand!!  With only a picture to go by, she had created some gorgeous pieces!

samsung picstures 2013 571

Here she painted Frida Kahlo.  You can see the picture she is using as a reference.  She was absolutely brilliant. I wanted to give her a tip, but she was talking to some people during a break and she had no hat or box for people to leave tips.  I was in awe of her work and so appreciated her gift to all of us walking by.

I wish I would have taken more pictures, but I didn’t.  I didn’t want the artists to think I was stealing their work.  However, I admired all of the artwork, jewelry, and music.  My daughter had a fantastic time! She was most mesmerized by a rolly-polly, than anything else around her. So, we bought her a little box to put her new pet in.  Her name is Sunny-Sunny Rainbow.  She takes it with her everywhere!!

samsung picstures 2013 569

I thought the name of this truck was genius!! I ordered my son a burrito from there and he thought it tasted delicious!!  I’m calorie counting, so no truck food for me. -(

I hope everyone has a great Sunday!

Poetry Friday

In honor of a wonderful woman

To Be A Bird

The Eagle soars, then comes to rest,
atop an impossible tower.
The Eagle soars from the seat of Power.

The Owl watches, patiently perched,
atop a moonlit roof.
The Owl watches from the seat of Truth.

The Lark sings, a melody made,
atop the clouds above.
The Lark sings from the seat of Love.

To be a bird!
To be all three!!!
With enough Love,
to find the Truth and Power in me.

© Tim Graham