Authors Wanted!

Bay Area Book Club is a about a group of women getting together to discuss good books.  We have had the privilege of meeting authors in person and via Skype.  Each month, we read a book that has been chosen as our Book of the Month.  It is quite exciting because I’ve been exposed to authors and books I may not have chosen otherwise.  The authors we spoke with last year were: Isabel Wolff, Kathleen Kent, Rachel Brady, Melanie Benjamin, Robert Norris, Pamela Macphee,  and Claire Avery.

Our book club loves to talk with authors and discuss their inspiration for creating their storyline.  It’s always fascinating to hear how a character is developed and some of the history behind each character and plot.  We have found that talking with the author in person just adds more to the discussion, as opposed to visiting with authors via Skype.

Meeting with book clubs has become quite popular for authors because they are able to connect with their readers in a more personal way than on FB, Twitter, and blogging.  When we host an author, the book club not only attends to meet and take pictures, but to discuss their book.  While it may not be our Book of the Month (since we vote on those), we all do read the author’s latest book.  We love reading, so it makes perfect sense to read the book our guest has written! And…no, we do not expect to read the author’s book for free.  So, we are also contributing to book sales ;)

If you are an author and plan to be visiting the Houston, Texas area in 2012, Bay Area Book Club would love to read your book and host you!  You can email me or fill out the form below.

My email is: booksintheburbs(at)gmail(dot)com.

I look forward to hearing from you!  And, on behalf of Bay Area Book Club, thank-you!!