Review: Sweet Sanctuary by Sheila Walsh & Cindy Martinusen-Coloma


Book Details

    • Author:  Sheila Walsh & Cindy Martinusen-Coloma
    • Genre:  Christian Fiction
    • Print Length: 352 pages
    • ISBN:  1595546863
    • Publisher: Thomas Nelson (August 9, 2011)
    • Author’s Website: Sheila Walsh, Cindy Martinusen-Coloma
    • Book Provided for Review by: Book Sneeze

A Quick Reference:

  • Target Audience:  Adults
  • Pace of Book:  Steady pace throughout
  • Writing:  Easy to read
  • Profanity:  None
  • Sexual Content:  None
  • Violence:  None
  • Christian Element:  Absolutely
  • My Rating:  A great cupcake with sprinkles on top, 4/5

My Review:

This book is a little gem.  I love the writing and flow of the storyline and thought the characters were developed very well.  I connected with Wren and her love for reading and working at the library…as that is a personal dream of mine too!  The relationship between her ex-husband and herself fell a little flat for me, however the relationship between her and Paul seemed to go at a very steady pace and was realistic.  I love Wren’s 90 year old aunt, Ruth!  She is very perceptive, shares what she needs to, and has her own little secret too.  Centered around the celebration of Ruth’s 90 birthday, Wren confronts her past so that she can fully embrace her future.  There were some little loose ends for me at the end of the book regarding Wren’s sibling relationships, however it is a book that I enjoyed!

*Book was provided for an honest review by Book Sneeze.  No monetary or other forms of compensation were given.