Free Nook Books for Children!

I was downloading some freebies onto my Nook and came across so many children’s books that are free right now!  I haven’t read them, can’t endorse them, but they are free!  If you have the Nook Tablet, Nook HD, or any other colored Nook device, you should be able to download them!

As always, before you download them, make sure the price is still “free”.  Sometimes these books are free for a very limited time, and I don’t know when that will change for each book.  I am not an affiliate and do not receive any points or compensation.



Lots of great books! Simply click on the book cover and you will be directed to Barnes and Noble for that particular book.



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Freebie Friday & Book Giveaway!!

Hello everyone!

If you are on Facebook or Twitter, chances are, you follow blogs/sites that list freebie books for Nook and Kindle.  While there are more sites that offer Kindle freebies, there was one exceptional site that listed free Nook books.  However, they will no longer be posting freebies for Nook readers, due to some issues with B&N and their affiliate program.  I am quite bummed about it, because I love free books just like everyone else.  Since there are quite a few sites for Kindles, I decided that on Fridays, I would post free Nook books.  I hope you enjoy them and let me know if you enjoyed reading them :D

For now, I will just post free Nook books.  I am not paid for this, it is just something that I wanted to offer for those of us who love our readers and enjoy the occasional freebie!

Because I can’t guarantee that the books listed will be free once you click on the picture, please check the prices first!!



Book Giveaway, courtesy of Pump Up Your Book & Author!

Please fill out the information in the form, which will keep your information confidential.  Contest ends July 15, 2012.  A winner will be selected by

Synopsis:  What drives teenage girls? What tempts them? What causes their insecurities? More importantly, what can parents do to make a difference in their lives? Author Maria Furlough battled self-image and self-esteem issues as a teenager, and in Your Daughter Needs a Hero she uses a mix of personal stories and years of experience counseling teenage girls in youth ministry to show parents what their teenage daughters are going through and how best to help them.

Furlough explains how things such as fad diets, the media, and pornography influence a teen girl’s body image, and she guides parents on how to counteract the constant pressures and influences that affect teen girls every day. This book will show parents how to effectively build their daughter’s self-esteem, self-image, and, most importantly, their faith in God and in their parents. If you have a daughter, Your Daughter Needs a Hero is a must read!

About the Author:  Eighteen years ago, an eleven year old girl looked in mirror and for the  first time in her innocent life…she realized she hated what she saw.   That girl was me.  It continued to be me until in my early twenties I  realized two things: God had a bigger plan for me than that and part of  that plan was for me to help other girls not be like me.As God slowly picked me up out of the pit I was in, I began to look  around me and see many of factors that contributed to my poor body  image.  As a youth leader I watched, studied, and prayed for the young  girls God put into my life.  I struggled with them as they constantly  asked about the caloric content of the cookies I put out or begged me  not to take pictures of them.  It made me so sad to see so much of  myself in them.  Then one day, after an interaction with parents, it hit  me like a ton of bricks “they don’t know!” Their parents, my parents…they didn’t and don’t realize the depths that insecurity reaches.  It was time for action.

After the birth of my first child, Faith I sat down at my computer to  write.  I wrote and I wrote and I wrote.  I actually wrote all the way  through the birth of my second child David (it took me quite awhile with  two under two at home!!!).  What I wrote is simple: parents you need to  know…Today my family and I live in North Carolina and we excitedly  begin this journey as an author and speaker.  My husband Dave is the  catalyst behind all that I do.  He has encouraged me and enabled me to  be on this journey and I am so thankful for his love and his  companionship.  My daughter Faith, now turning four, inspires me every  day to stand firm to the message I believe in.  It is for her that I  take serious every word I utter about beauty.  It is for her I strive to  be a woman who models a God given security in prayer that she will  not struggle the way that I did.  It is for her my life’s mission is now  clear.  My son David is now two and he is the ball of laughter and  energy that keep this home going.  His smile, his laugh it is all  contagious and I look forward to the man God is molding him to be.   Furlough baby # three, Aaron has officially arrived into our lives.   Since the day he was born he has been a perfect reminder of God’s grace  and love for us.  Aaron is our perfect gift.

Authoring is by no means my life, but it sure is something God has  excitedly called me to do and I look forward to all that the future has  in store!  May this book, this blog, this life of mine bless you as we  partner to help our girls into a life of true worth.

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Freebies are Back for Nook Readers!

This is a little late, obviously, but I wanted to send this out to you.  It seems the moment I sent out the email about no longer listing freebies, I quit getting emails from the different sites for Free Nook Books….arghhh!

I get plenty of Kindle freebie notices, but sadly, not too many for Nook.  So, I will be posting them, but it will primarily be for Nook users.

*As of November 18, 2011: These books were listed for free.  However, I cannot guarantee that by the time you do download the books that they will still be free.  I suggest you download them as soon as you can and decide when you want to read them at a later time.  I typically choose books that are 4 or 5 star ratings, however will consider 3 star books if I have heard anything about them.

Free Nook Books:

Bleak House by Charles Dickens




Thrifty Thursday-It’s Back!

I had been thinking of not continuing this feature on my blog, as I know there are plenty of blogs out there that already do this.  Who wants to keep doing what everyone else is doing???  However, I thought I’d add some interesting books I haven’t seen or been hearing great reviews on, as well as any books I have personally read that I absolutely enjoyed, too!

One of my weekly favorite things to do is to download free books on my reader.  I have quite a few books and wonder if I may actually have time to read them all considering that new freebies are listed each week.  However, I am a mood reader.  I read certain books depending on the kind of mood I am in.

Sometimes I want to read a little mystery, a feel good story, a thriller, a romance storyline, or Christian book.  If you are a bibliophile, then chances are you completely understand.  I liken my reading choices to clothes:  not everything looks great every day and you have to be in the mood to wear it.

For Kindle

For Nook

For Kindle

For Nook

For Kindle

For Nook

For Kindle

For Nook

***There is no guarantee that by the time you decide to download these books that they will still be free.  My suggestion to you is to download them as soon as you can and then you can decide when you want to read them.


The 2 books listed below are currently on sale for $2.99!! That is a really great deal considering I purchased The Lace Reader for $9.99 over the summer!

For Kindle

For Nook

For Kindle

For Nook

Happy Reading!